AngelEyes Foundation

AngelEyes Foundation 501c3 – #82-1490473

Advocating Against

Human Trafficking/Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Working Together to Identify Issues – Collaboration (Community Leaders & Community) = Peaceful Resolution


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Angeleyes Foundation

Advocating Against

Human Trafficking/Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Intimate Partner Violence & Abusive relationship

More than 10 million women men and children are physically abused
that’s nearly 20 people per minute Even with convictions and guilty pleas, less than 2% of
domestic violence perpetrators receive any jail time The mission of Angeleyes Foundation
stop domestic violence
break the cycle of abuse by changing tomorrows.

Angeleyes Foundation provides safe haven for victims to report domestic abuse.

Angeleyes Foundation works hand-in-hand with our network of agencies and partners
to investigate and build powerful cases against perpetrators.
Ultimately we give unreported abuse victims confidence to reach out and allow someone to help. Angeleyes Foundation works with state and federal agencies
leading to higher conviction rates of abusers
through advocacy for victims of domestic and sexual violence. Angeleyes Foundation encourages victims of domestic and sexual violence to report abuse,
through our proprietary network providing  additional investigation when necessary.

We use that information  to support the justice system’s investigation and prosecution of the abuser.

Become an Advocate Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse

Help fulfill our mission of changing tomorrows to end
the cycle of abuse and violence.

“Domestic abuse causes terror, shame, and fear for one’s life.

Victims are often alone against a wall of denial.

They can’t run. They can’t hide.

What is the way out of the darkness

Angeleyes Foundation can help victims out of the darkness.”