AngelEyes Foundation

501c3 – #82-1490473

Advocating against Human Trafficking/Domestic & Sexual Abuse.

Working Together to Identify Issues-Collaboration

(Community Leaders & Community) = Peaceful Resolution

What We Do

AngelEyes Foundation Helps Victims / Survivors / Abusers 

Find Available Resources

AngelEyes Warriors will help plan safe escapes and in emergency situations we will work with Local Law Enforcement to insure safe escape.

Our Advocates when available will attend court and other appointments

So, our Angels may be on their own but never alone

Most have no idea what resources are available for counseling or living assistance.

More than 10 million women men and children are physically abused that’s nearly 20 people per minute

Even with convictions and guilty pleas, less than 2% of domestic violence perpetrators receive any jail time


AngelEyes Foundation works hand-in-hand with our network of agencies and partners to help plan victims rescues.


AngelEyes Foundation works with state and federal agencies to locate available resources in their community. 


AngelEyes Foundation provides liaisons and bodyguards to attend court with victims. No one should have to face their abuser alone.

Help Fulfill our Mission

of changing tomorrows to end the cycle of abuse and violence.

Domestic Abuse

causes terror, shame and fear for ones’s life.


are often alone against a wall of denial.

They can't

run, they can’t hide.

What is

the way out of the darkness?

Let's Work Together

We are looking for people to join our mission and help victims find available resources available to them. 

Angeleyes Foundation can help victims out of the darkness. By helping them find Available Resources available in their community.

Most communities have resources available for victim advocacy funding.  Ask your Legal Victim Advocate for a list and paperwork to access them.

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