Angeleyes Foundation was founded by Don inspired by Amy Foster.


The inspiration for the organization and their commitment to action, is based on the real-life experiences of Don and Amy and their children, Andrew and Felicia. Each one of these people have suffered in some way from domestic violence. They have survived, and through their efforts with the organization, have helped cultivate the growth of others.

Amy is a two-time survivor of domestic violence, along with her two children. She advocates endlessly for victims to become survivors and provides wisdom and emotional support for them on their journeys.

Don, an inspirational speaker dedicated to empowering victims, was himself guilty of being Verbally and Mentally abusive in several past relationships. Now he strives to help others become independent from their abusers. He also encourages abusers to have the strength to look in the mirror and commit to changing their pattern of violence.

Angeleyes Foundation was conceived in 2013 and still growing.

Angeleyes Foundation thru research and numerous interviews have discovered a notable pattern why victims return to their abuser. Several things come into play making them stay.

Imagine If you just had a fight and had to leave your home and children – your spouse cut off your cards, access to cash, canceled your car insurance, if you were able to take your car, reported your car stolen.

Where would you go and what would you do? These scenarios are real and happen every day.

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With your help Angeleyes Foundation can help victims out of the darkness.

Unless you are or have been a victim you can never truly understand the impact or the fear of escape.

More than 10 million women men and children are physically abused that’s nearly 20 people per minute

Even with convictions and guilty pleas, less than 2% of domestic violence perpetrators receive any jail time

Help Angeleyes Foundation create Safe Havens / Restoration Campuses for victims & children to live while mom or dad learn to live independently from their abuser, learning a skill to get a job and create a budget to provide for themselves and children.

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The mission of Angeleyes Foundation stop domestic violence break the cycle of abuse by changing tomorrows one community at a time.

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Please take the 12 question quiz then follow your heart. Help by donating to victims escaping their prison of Abuse.

  1. Where to run?
  2. How will you get there?
  3. What will my friends and family say or think?
  4. Will they believe me or my abuser?
  5. How long can you stay?
  6. Is your friend or family members afraid of your abuser?
  7. Are you worried about their safety?
  8. How will you earn money?
  9. How do you take care of your kids?
  10. What will you eat?
  11. How will you feed yourself or kids long term?
  12. Were you able to grab enough clothing for yourself and kids?


The Intimate”

Domestic violence is the most common killer of women AROUND THE WORLD where more than half of the women each year are killed by intimate partners or family members.

My name is Don Foster, I am the Creator of “Surviving
the Intimate” TV show & a Foundation whose mission is to end domestic violence. Growing up I was a product of generational child abuse, which later on
transformed me into a domestic violence abuser. Sadly, I became what I knew and saw growing up at home. My childhood traumas turned me into a bully in school, always in trouble, and defiant to authority. I became a mental and verbal abuser and used intimidation to get my way with everyone I came in contact with.
After 4 failed marriages and 7 engagements, I realized I wasn’t picking the wrong women. I was the only common denominator, the problem was me. I finally took off the mask that blurred my reality and dedicated my life to helping victims of domestic violence. Now I spend my life inspiring victims to break their silence and become survivors of their circumstance. With my wife Amy, who has also suffered from severe domestic violence from past relationships by side, we BELIEVE together we can make a difference and save the lives of women and children who are being physically, sexually, and verbally tortured right now!
Our society must understand that it takes a great deal of courage for victims of domestic violence to leave their abusers and most often, victims DON’T KNOW HOW and are not financially capable. With our show, “Surviving the Intimate” we aim to ignite hope and inspire cultural change through education and awareness. With that same extraordinary amount of
courage, my foundation’s team members and I risk our own lives to rescue these victims from their possible killers and help them to escape their current living situation! We are not psychologists, counselors, police officers or lawyers; we are a group of survivors including reformed abusers that have been in their shoes and have experienced what they are experiencing.

We know the current justice system and the current
methods are not working in society today; so we are here to take the stand. We work based on real life experiences and knowledge to create a new methodology and new techniques to reduce and end domestic violence. Not only will our show raise the awareness needed in our country today, but we will educate our viewers who may be abusers and victims. Accountability for both the victim and the abuser is proven to keep families together and reduce the odds of generational offenders and victims. When we save a person, long-term down the road we save a family. We will make sure no victim feels alone when they make the life-saving decision to leave their abuser. Our show will finally give a voice to the voice-less.

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