Your Donations Saves Lives

Donation Allocation 1

We do a lot more behind the scenes than meets the eye.

  • Transportation of victims and children to appointments (This includes gas expenses and time)
  • Food Costs (We make sure the victims are fed before we take them to a safe location.)
  • Body Guard Services when applicable to protect victims (Extraction of the victims in some cases has been required to get and move victims to a safe location.)
  • Case building and evidence collection to help get enough evidence for authorities to charge the abusers (Depending on case, could take up to 30 days to get the evidence needed)
  • Case research to compile any history to show a pattern of behavior or known criminal history and associates. (24-48 Hours for All Reports Needed)
  • Surveillance is needed when a victim is being stocked or harassed by their abuser or known associates (Can also take up to 30 days to compile evidence)
  • Report writing consists of categorizing composed data and writing a summary (This can take up to 40+ Hours Depending on the situation)
  • Run Bags – consist of essential hygiene items toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, female products etc… (when a victim decides to run they don’t always have time to plan and pack).
  • Clothing for the Victims (A lot of times victims do not have time to pack clothing when being extracted)
  • Shelter and legal services (We use our network of partners and local resources to assist.)
  • Most of our members are volunteers to help fight Abuse and build these reports.


The sadness is – We receive more requests and pleas for help than we have funding to help, every dollar you give will help save lives.