When you are growing up as a child you are led to believe your family will protect you.
The sad truth for many young girls and children – your family is the first to hurt them.
1st destroying their self worth and any moral value they had.
2nd stealing any hope for a normal life.
3rd setting them up for re-victimization from other scumbags and molesters / rapist.
4th they are taught not to tell or speak out.
5th do not ask for help – who will believe you – no one so they suffer in silence waiting for the next abuser to violate them for their own pleasure.

If you know a victim you have a moral obligation to report or tell.
Report at https://angeleyesfoundation.org/report/

Advocating Against

Human Trafficking/Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Working Together to Identify Issues – Collaboration (Community Leaders & Community) = Peaceful Resolution