Ladies is it fair that you have to leave your home and your city to escape your abuser or stocker?
Why should you not only have to leave your home and possibly your children and everything you’ve worked so hard for just to escape the domestic or sexual abuse and the perpetrator?
TEXAS wants stood for real man and cowboys who protected their families and protected women and children . I am sorry but I guess TEXAS has fallen because here in San Antonio Texas domestic and sexual abuse along with human trafficking is the highest it’s ever been and one of the highest in the country.
I am not sure of the exact failure in our system but I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the catch and release policy.
Our district attorneys office has a task force headed up by and ADA, I was under the impression that position was to help protect victims. We have failed to obtain multiple protection orders or restraining orders due to lack of evidence,I am not sure what kind of evidence she needs to elpimplement a protective order or restraining order. As we have showin in the past multiple calls to the police department for the same thing Domestic Abuse, I ask myself self what kind of evidence are they looking for??? As some or most of our victims that have requested these protective items have had scars on their faces black eyes busted lips shaking like a leaf in the wind living in fear every day refusing to leave their own homes or their temporary hiding spot.
I am asking every victim and survivor to stand with me and fight for change!
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