San Antonio has an Epidemic
Alone I can do so little compared to what we could do together as a community and the city.
San Antonio has an epidemic called human trafficking/domestic and sexual abuse. Every day I wake up and every day I try to do what I can with a limited budget and limited resources.
I am asking our community and our community leaders to support us in our feet on the streets project.
To help victims as well as abusers find the resources they need.
Together as a community we could start #ChangingTomorrows for both victims and abusers. Creating catastrophic changes for our future generations.
We cannot and should not keep closing our eyes and pretending it doesn’t happen. It’s real and its affecting our children, family, neighbors and our community.
The first step is to come together as a community and change our viewpoint and our outlook on victims, I do not in my heart of hearts believe they woke up one morning asking for all the terrible things that of happened to them.
I do believe that we should hold abusers accountable when they refuse to get help or except help that is offered to them!