Angeleyes Foundation is looking for victims and survivors who will share their stories, to help bring awareness to Domestic & Sexual Abuse.
You can submit your stories anonymously or using your real name. Our goal is to empower other victims and survivors to speak out and break the silence.
Silence is the power abusers use to maintain control over their victims as well as their family and friends.
In years to come it will be easier to count those not effected by Domestic or Sexual Abuse, in recent research numbers are as high as three out of five females in certain groups.
Domestic Abuse occurs in higher numbers after graduating school and or becoming involved in a serious relationship.
Sexual assault or abuse takes place from middle school throughout college, date rape is rape and shouldn’t be dismissed or minimized by faculty or parents, these types of assaults have long term effects that effect every relationship in the future.
Why are you the survivors and victims’ allowing this to continue?
Why are you not supporting Angeleyes Foundation in our fight to expose the flawed system and bring about needed changes?
Angeleyes Foundation needs victims and survivors to unite in our movement to eradicate Domestic & Sexual Abuse.
Your donations will be used to help save lives and keep changing tomorrows.

Advocating Against

Human Trafficking/Domestic & Sexual Abuse

Working Together to Identify Issues – Collaboration (Community Leaders & Community) = Peaceful Resolution