The sad truth is Victims are often victimized by one or more cogs system.

This isn’t meant to bash (LEO) Law Enforcement Officers or The Judicial System – we are simply exposing the flaws and the advantages leveled towards the offender or perpetrator. Everyone has a story and Angeleyes Foundation wants to hear it – until we stand together and collaborate together – the Scales of Justice and burden of proof will always weigh in favor of the Offender or Perpetrator.

By cogs I mean Police officer, Police detective, Police sergeant, Police lieutenant, Police captain, Deputy chief, Assistant chief, Chief, ADA’s, DA’s, Grand Jury, Prosecutor not to mention Eyewitnesses etc. Do they or they intend on making a mistake? I don’t believe they would do it on purpose, to error is human – but the effects are catastrophic to a victim to say the least. Their life will never be the same again, their innocents, belief and self-respect can be wiped out for ever. Never again will they feel safe, worthy or special again, what remains is a broken shell.

Who is held accountable for for mistakes? Why must the Victim and family pay the price for a failed day in Judical System.

So, imagine you home gets broke into and your depending on all these cogs to do their jobs without making any mistakes. Because if one of them make a mistake the criminal can go free.

If the offender or perpetrators defense attorney makes a mistake and the criminal feels he wasn’t properly represented. The offenders or perpetrators has a litany of options for retrial based on the current Judicial System.

Your daughter or your wife gets raped and the rapist gets away – national stats show less than 2% of perpetrators ever serve time in jail, for a few of the following reasons lack of evidence, lost evidence, no eyes witness statements, poor or no video evidence, poor or no audio evidence, substandard reports, incomplete investigation, lack of follow up with witnesses or victims, etc. these are only some of the reason and variables that allow offenders or perpetrators to go free.

How would you feel after such a horrific atrocity has taken place against your family? Place yourself in that room with your wife or daughter, when the ADA walks into the waiting room an tells you in front of everyone else that the offender taken responsibility for their actions! Things you learn later they accepted deferred adjudication – meaning they will serve term of probation (once they have completed all requirements it is possible it will no longer appear on their record) thus allowing them to possibly do it again.

We need everyone to join the fight and stand with us to educate and eradicate (Human Trafficking/Domestic & Sexual Abuse).

Think about your daughters and granddaughters if 1 out 4 are estimated to be victims in today’s world? How many will become victims in the next decade (not taking into consideration it is estimated that less than 2% currently serve any jail time – this means as more predators are born we still set today’s predators free every day in court or from jail due to botched case investigations and more).

Will your family be the next target?

Will your family be the next on TV asking for help?

Will your family be the next family in the emergency room praying for help?

I am asking and praying today it never happens to your family – But it happens every day so please help us before it gets to your family.

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